Repair Bound

CHARACTERISTICS                                                              PECIFICATIONS
APPEARANCE Milky white emulsion
(at105’for 3 hrs)
Average particle size 
(in  iu by spectronic-20)
Film properties
(100 micron film on glass plate)
Clear, without grits
Compatibility with cement Exlent Compatible
Brush ability Brush able
Shelf life 6 months

Composition by weight 200 gram repairbound mix with water for one bag of cement

  • 15% to 20% water should be mix with cement and sand for plaster
  • On damp surface of wall take one part of by any volume repairbound  add + 2 part same volume water +add 4 part same volume  ordinary cement  43 grade prefer or opc pepper bag  stirrer well and apply by paint brush coat 3 times perpendicular .1 kg. cover 20 sq.ft .for 1mm thick film monolithic over surface

Health and Safety

  • Repairbound is non flammable, nontoxic and non-hazardous environment free under normal condition of use.
  • Splashes in the eyes and on the skin should be immediately washed with plenty of water to avoid irritation and discomfort.
  • Prolonged skin contact should be avoided.. Protective gloves and barrier creams are advisable for anyone handling resin products regularly.
  • Proper ventilation should be provided in the work area as with all synthetic resins. Repairbound contains traces of residual monomer and organic substances, smoking should be discouraged in the work area.
The data, information and suggestion contained in this literature are based on our study and experience, since the condition of use and working methods adopted by the buyers are beyond our control, it is recommended that users satisfy them selves to the actual performance of the product under their respective e application condition. This supercedes all our previous technical literature on this product by char chit chemical
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